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Jurisdictions & Authorities
Collaboration with Local Entities and the Judicial Authority
In order to facilitate coordination with local entities, the ESCD’S authority allow direct access to the judicial system and law enforcement support, in the following manner:
• Members of the ESCD staff who are delegated with judicial authority by the executive director, are considered as law enforcers and can take necessary actions to follow up on enforcement of the ESCD’s law, including report record of evidence and request support from Dubai’s law enforcement department as deemed necessary.
• Individuals and establishments are mandated by the law to cooperate with the ESCD and adhere to, and not hinder any, requests that may contribute to facilitating ESCD’s mission. When necessary, lack of cooperation will result in resorting to the rule of law for necessary redeeming actions, including seizing and confiscating information, data, vaults, safe boxes, equipment, physical sites and places, where pursued material might exist.