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Jurisdictions & Authorities
General Jurisdiction and Authorities
The ESCD’s mission require various levels of cooperation, coordination and execution with concerned entities, for this purpose the law authorized the ESCD with the following:
• Monitoring, inspection, and investigation, and data collection via all possible means.
• Taking precautionary and preventive measures.
• Financial and administrative audit.
• Contain and apprehend crimes and offences under the ESCD’s jurisdiction.
• Request the public prosecutor to seize/ freeze money, possessions, documents, records, and/ or any other items that may relate to the action apprehended by the ESCD’s staff.
• Coordination with international entities to access information pertaining to investigations of across boarders’ threats to the economy.
• In case of abnormal circumstances or an apparent threat to work flow, the ESCD can temporarily cease stock market activity of any company (trading in the stock market, tendering shares/ equities, etc,) as well as reactivate it.
• Request financial disclosure, bank accounts’ details and activity records of any individual or entity in coordination with the law enforcement department for the purpose of an investigation under the ESCD’s role mandated by law.
• The ESCD is delegated by law, with the support of the judicial authority, to make settlements and recover public funds and move them to a special account at the Department of Finance.